A City Development Plan (CDP) is both a perspective and a vision for the future development of a city. It presents the current stage of the city’s development – where are we now? It sets out the directions of change – where do we want to go? It identifies the thrust areas — what do we need to address on a priority basis? It also suggests alternative routes, strategies, and interventions for bringing about the change – what interventions do we make in order to attain the vision? It provides a framework and vision within which projects need to be identified and implemented. It establishes a logical and consistent framework for evaluation of investment decisions.

A CDP is anchored on the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) goal of creating economically productive, efficient, equitable and responsive cities. As a step to achieving this goal, the CDP focuses on the development of economic and social infrastructure, strategies that deal specifically with issues affecting the urban poor, strengthening of municipal governments and their financial accounting and budgeting systems and procedures, creation of structures for bringing in accountability and transparency, and elimination of legal and other bottlenecks that have stifled the land and housing markets. It provides a basis for cities to undertake urban sector reforms that help direct investment into city-based infrastructure.

Note : It is essential for a city to systematically think of the future, and determine how it wishes to shape that future.
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