City's Vision

Name of CityVision Statement
Agar To make Agar a pilgrim centre cum tourist destination centre‚ maintaining its religious and cultural image and providing a livable city that offers a superior quality of life through employment generating economy that is safe and inclusive‚ environmentally and socially sustainable‚ based on reliable infrastructure and offers responsive system of municipal governance dedicated to the city’s felt needs.
Alirajpur A town which will have all the basic services.
Amarkantak Development of Amarkantak as a tourist and pilgrimage city in environmentally sustainable manner.
Ambah To promote and develop ambah town as a clean‚ livable and ecofriendly town with quality physical and social infrastructure and urban services.
Amla To improve the quality of life‚ universal services for all and economicaly sustainable city.
Anuppur To develop Annupur as economically vibrant‚ socially equitable and environmentally sustainable administrative and regional education town.
Ashoknagar A clean‚ healthy and prosperous city; that offers a superior quality of life to all the citizen’s through provision of adequate physical and social infrastructure and robust‚ employment generation economy; that is safe‚ and socially and environmentally sustainable and that has a representative‚ transparent‚ efficient and responsive urban local body catering to the citizens’ needs.
Ashta An economically sustainable, highly livable, safe, clean and people-responsive city embodying a transparent, efficient and financially strong local government that offer its citizens equal opportunities for growth and universal access to high-quality infrastructure and basic urban services.
Badnagar Badnagar is envisioned as the growth pivot of the region to provide an attractive‚ affordable and healthy environment for the residents to live in.
Badwaha Barwaha is visualized to be the Regional Growth Centre and a future district headquarters with all basic physical and social infrastructure like adequate drinking water supply, drainage network, a good integrated road network with well coordinated transportation infrastructure, supporting a vibrant healthy life for the citizenry which shall cater to the needs of its rural hinterland having efficient backward and forward linkages.
Badwani To make Barwani a hub of agro based economic activities‚ develop retail trade‚ religious tourism‚ education‚ health and slum free city- that provides a well-balanced infrastructure and quality services available to all by 2035 and preserves its natural ecology and environment.
Balaghat To make this gifted land an abode friendly to nature and salubrious to inhabitants through activities with community participation. THE ″ECO TOURISM - HEALTH CITY″ vision will make the dream come true.
Begumganj To Strengthen the economic base and generate employment opportunities by optimum utilization of local resources and promote sustainable development supported by infrastructure development to make Begamganj an environmentally safe and livable town.
Berasia To develop Berasia city as a beautiful city, admired and self sustainable urban centre with effective and efficient infrastructure.
Betul To improve the quality of life‚ develop eco-friendly‚ universal services for all and economically vibrant city.
Bhind A city with comprehensive and integrated development in a planned way, which provides good governance; infrastructure facilities; employment opportunities; neat and clean living environment to all citizens in a sustainable way with public participation by preserving its cultural heritage and natural environment where rule of law prevails and city is financially self sustainable.
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